Uncontested divorce hearing dates

uncontested divorce hearing dates
October 29, 2020 mollerpienaar 0 Comments

In order to apply for uncontested divorce hearing dates in the Gauteng Division of the High Court, you need to follow a two-tiered process.

In the first place, the Registrar will allocate a provisional hearing date.  Then you must confirm acceptance of that hearing date. In short, in order to do this, you must apply for final enrolment.

At the present time, the Amended Consolidated Directive of 18 September 2020 sets out the application process for uncontested divorce hearing dates.  The directive may, however, change at any point in time.

How to apply for an uncontested divorce hearing date

That party that wishes to enrol the uncontested divorce for a hearing date must follow an online application process.

You must upload the following documents to the OCJ digital case portal (CaseLines for short):

  • Directive Compliance Declaration in the form of an affidavit
  • Date application form in the prescribed format

Once you’ve uploaded the documents described above to CaseLines, you must invite the relevant Registrar to the case.

The Registrar will consider your application and allocate a provisional hearing date.

How to apply for a final hearing date for your uncontested divorce

To ensure that you retain the court date for your matter, you must upload the following documents to CaseLines:

  • Notice of Set Down
  • Draft order in word- and pdf-format
  • Practice Note
  • Copy of the settlement agreement (endorsed by the Family Advocate) – certified
  • Certified copy of the marriage certificate
  • Copy(ies) of the birth certificates of all minor children – certified
  • Affidavit from Plaintiff (Defendant) setting out the relevant evidence
  • Any other relevant documents referred to in the written submissions made in the practice note.

Once you’ve uploaded the documents described above to CaseLines, you must invite the relevant Registrar to the case.

If directive so by the judge, you must email the practice note to the email address stipulated by the judge.

Manual/electronic application process

You can apply to CaseLines yourself or follow our online enrolment process.  Our online enrolment process integrates with the CaseLines software and automates the application process.  If you follow the online enrolment process, you will further benefit from receiving procedural reminders on your matters.  In this way, you do not need to worry about the Directives or the Practice Manual.  You complete questionnaires, and we will take care of all the interaction with the Registrar for you.

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