The Flik challenge

flik challenge
October 13, 2020 mollerpienaar 0 Comments

Rather than falling prey to despair, “The Flick Challenge” is our reply to the public seeking solutions to the judiciary’s current IT-problems. To explain: according to a recent article by the Daily Maverick, the court’s information technology infrastructure is in a sorry state.

A bug's life

Seeing that we do not want to become despondent, we think it’s time we take a leave from “A Bug’s Life.” In the movie, Flik ultimately appreciates that the key to success is a colony working together to achieve a common goal. In that case, the little Ant did not need formidable warriors to defeat the giant grasshoppers.  In the end, everyone contributing saved the day. No matter how small the individual contributions.

In like manner, it is up to us ants to help.

From the content of the Daily Maverick article, there appears to be the following immediate needs:

  1. An alternative internet solution.
  2. New computers
  3. Funding to appoint more judges


Considering the devastating effects of Covid-19 on our countries economy, it is unlikely that the government can fulfill this need in the immediate future.  It is up to us ants to help.

The Flik Challange

In the Flik spirit, Möller & Pienaar Attorneys challenges fellow South Africans to offer their contributions to get our judiciary up and running again.

We offer to do the following:

  1. work with the senior judge on CaseLines queries
  2. find affordable IT-solutions for her court
  3. create and manage a separate trust account where fellow South Africans can make financial contributions to
    • enhance the information technology infrastructure of the courts and
    • to appoint and train more judges.

We’ve been working closely with CaseLines UK for the past two years.  We have an extensive knowledge of the workings of the CaseLines-program and it’s integration possibilities. We can assure our colleagues that CaseLines UK is committed to offering a workable solution for the South African judiciary.

Möller & Pienaar Attorneys have also automated their attorney practice extensively and have experience finding affordable, viable, and practical solutions to information technology challenges in the legal environment.

A functioning judiciary is the cornerstone of a just society.  All South Africans have an interest in the proper functioning of our courts. 

Please take up the Flik-challenge.  Together we can make a difference!