Outlook Add-in for CaseLines

Outlood add-in for CaseLines
February 19, 2021 mollerpienaar 0 Comments

The Outlook add-in for CaseLines help attorneys to comply with Judge President’s Practice directive 1 of 2021.  The Directive stipulates a uniform approach to CaseLines uploads that will ultimately benefit attorneys and judges alike.

How can the Outlook add-in for CaseLines help you to comply:

Create Sections

Firstly, with the Outlook add-in for CaseLines, an attorney can automate the default sections for actions and applications. Once you’ve created that case and selected the matter type, the Directive compliant sections are automatically generated .  Automation saves attorneys the time to create the sections manually.  The process also ensures that your matter will comply with paragraph 7.1.4 of Practice directive 1 of 2021.

Legible copies of every document

Secondly, the Outlook add-in for CaseLines allows one to upload an email from its original source. In this way legible copies of the emails are available for inclusion in the document bundles.  Attorneys no longer need to print and scan the emails before they can upload them to CaseLines.  The add-in allows one to split email trails, trim disclaimer notifications and confidentiality notices. Attorneys can also exclude irrelevant images from the mail.  An email uploaded to CaseLines via the Outlook add-in is legible and text searchable.  

Every document uploaded as an individual document

Part B paragraph 7.1 directs the CaseLines automated index to identify and link to every document. If attorneys scan documents in a single pdf, and upload that, the upload will not comply with the Directive.  Although it is faster for attorneys feed several papers through a scanner, they must then add bookmarks and hyperlinks. Otherwise the index will not link to every document.

With the Outlook add-in for CaseLines, attorneys can quickly split the pdf into individual documents, ready for upload. 

Adding appropriate document descriptions

Attorneys must describe every document they upload to CaseLines fully.  The document descriptions reflect on the index and assist judges in finding records quickly.  A description like “F1” or Annexure “R” is not helpful.  Elaborate on the description to include a short description of the contents of the annexure.  When attorneys use the add-in, they can change and save document descriptions easily before they upload the document to CaseLines.

In conclusion

These are some of the features designed to make the lives of attorneys easier.  Using the add-in will ensure that your upload is Directive compliant.  To learn more on about the Outlook Add-in for CaseLines, visit https://dataprune.co.za/dp-mail-extractor/.