Undertaking and acceptance of Master’s directions

Undertaking and acceptance of Master Instructions J155 Need more information about this form? Click here.

Details of the deceased

Please type the surname as indicated on the death certificate
This number is reflected on correspondence from the Master's office. If you do not have any correspondence from the Master yet, leave this blank.
Please type the names as indicated on the death certificate
Please ensure that the date you select corresponds with the date on the death death certificate. If the date on the death certificate is incorrect, please approach the Department of Home Affairs to correct the error on the certificate first, before you proceed
Type the name of the town where the deceased stayed prior to passing on
Did the deceased have liabilities at the time of death

Details of the person who is applying for the appointment

Type the details of the executor/administrator here
select the appropriate option from the dropdown list
Residential address *
Residential address
Postal address *
Postal address
If the applicant will not use an agent, leave this field blank.

Liabilities of the deceased

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