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Information required to complete Master forms

This questionnaire contains all the information required by the Master’s office Pretoria to report a deceased estate.

Once you’ve complete the form, the information you provided will be merged into the template documents of the Master’s office. You will receive an email with the documents containing all the information provided, ready for you to print.

You can use the form and print the document FREE OF CHARGE.

Report a deceased estate in South Africa You are required to before you can submit a form.

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  • Deceased
  • Spouse/s
  • Executor
  • Assets and liabilities
  • Children
  • Parents
  • Final
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type RSA for a South African Citizen
use the dropdown list to select the applicable option
Did the deceased leave a will? *
Was the estate of the deceased
Address for the tutor, curator or administrator
Address for the tutor, curator or administrator

Ordinary place of residence of deceased during 12 months prior to death.

If the deceased resided at more than one address during that period, click the add button to add additional addresses.
Residential address *
Residential address