Create a case on CaseLines

create a case on caselines
September 2, 2020 mollerpienaar 0 Comments

Before you can upload your court documents on the  OCJ digital case management system, you must create the case on CaseLines. This logical step, to open the matter first, is, however, precisely the cause of the current bottleneck Gauteng attorneys and judges experience when they want to access their cases on the OCJ digital case management system.

The problem

Despite valiant efforts to do so, the Registrar cannot keep up with the current demand to create cases on CaseLines.  The Registrar must be precise and follow the necessary protocols to ensure they tick all the boxes and grant only appropriate permissions for every case. Resultantly, the manual process is slow and the cause of many delays. The lack of a streamlined workflow also wastes a lot of valuable time and resources and leads to many errors.

Regrettably, the delay in creating a case on CaseLines not only frustrates the judges and the attorneys, but leads to unwarranted criticism of the CaseLines software.

Automation: a viable solution

To assist our colleagues and the Registrar, we created an online application process that attorneys can use to create their cases on CaseLines.  Our online application process integrates with the CaseLines software and automates the case creation procedure.    Everyone that uses the online process will benefit from automating manual data input.



Log on to your account on our website


Edit the application form with the case details of your matter


Click apply to submit your application


View your case on the CaseLines portal

Benefits of automation

Automating the manual process of creating a case on CaseLines has the following benefits:

  • Saves time

Computers use less time to do data entry than staff are capable of. 

  • Saves money

Less labor hours are necessary to follow the automation process than to do it by hand.

  • Shorter application process period

Because automation creates the case in real-time, attorneys and judges will experience almost no delay between the time of submission of the application and the time when they can access their cases on the portal. 

  • Free up court staff for higher-level administrative functions

When one automates the data capturing process, it frees up the court staff to spend their time doing higher-level administrative functions.

  • Reduce errors

It is the nature of humans to err.  The fewer humans that are involved in a process, the less opportunity is there for mistakes. 

  • Improves compliance and security

Sensitive information is exposed to fewer people, leading to better data security.


Do not hesitate any further.  Apply online to create your case on CaseLines fast.