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Is the matter created and handled through the Caselines digital litigation portal? *
Is the consolidated index and heads of argument uploaded to Caselines? *
Your application will be rejected without the consolidated index or heads of argument
Consolidated index *
Maximum upload size: 516MB
The consolidated index must prominently indicate on the front page the date when and in what manner it was served on the opposing party.
Heads of argument *
Maximum upload size: 516MB
Upload a copy of the heads of argument duly served and filed.
Did one of the parties fail to deliver and/or upload heads of argument and/or a practice note? *
Did you initiate and/or upload an interlocutory application to comple delivery?
Interlocutory application *
Maximum upload size: 516MB
The interlocutory application shall be enrolled in line with the provisions set out in Practice Directive 2 of 2019 dealing with interlocutory applications
Previously postponed? *
Maximum upload size: 516MB
in the form of an affidavit which is to confirm that no duplicate file for the matter exists on CaseLines and that all the Parties/their representatives have been invited to the matter on CaseLines. The names of all Parties/their representatives and their telephone numbers and email addresses should reflect on the declaration.