Final Enrollment

Unopposed motions

This form applies to all unopposed motions that was allocated a provisional enrollment date. Use this form for final enrollment regardless of the nature of the application.

Rule 43 applications

Use this form to apply for the final enrollment of opposed and unopposed rule 43 applications.

Civil trials

Item 32 of 18 September 2020 Consolidated Directive determines that a civil matter shall be removed from the roll and the date forfeited, if a joint practice note is not uploaded to CaseLines five court days before the hearing date.

More Information

Please ensure that you submit your application under the appropriate heading.  If you select the incorrect heading, your matter will be enrolled on the wrong roll.  We cannot change this.  In this event you will have to re-submit a new application under the correct heading.

It remains your responsibility to ensure that you submit your application for enrollment on the appropriate roll.

No more than 60 unopposed applications, 3 rule 43 applications and 20 divorces may be enrolled before any court

No more than 50 opposed motions may be enrolled for any court week.