Apply online for a hearing date

apply online for a hearing date
September 2, 2020 mollerpienaar 0 Comments

Our online court enrollment process enables you to apply online for a hearing date at the High Court of South Africa, Gauteng Division.  It is a simple and streamlined online process to obtain a hearing date for your matter.

Implement most recent directives

When you apply online for a hearing date, you do not need to worry that your copy of the practice manual or directives may not be up to date.  When we receive notice that the application process changed, we update our application process to comply with the new requirements.  You will receive notification from us if the amendments affect any of your proposed hearing dates, that may require additional steps or information from you to retain the allocated hearing date.

Progress reports

We keep you informed on the progress of your application.  Once the Registrar allocates a hearing date, your application record is updated.  We email the hearing date and roll number to you; alternatively, you can access the hearing date details online in the form of your application.


We also remind you of the due dates and steps you must follow to ensure the final enrolment of your matter.  It often happens in practice that an attorney misses the cut-off date for final enrolment due to an administrative error at the office.  When you apply online for a hearing date, we will remind you when the next step is due.  In this way, you can avoid a possible costly and embarrassing postponement of your client’s case from happening.

CaseLines compatible

Updating the digital case record on the OCJ portal with our online application process has never been easier. Our application forms are compatible with the CaseLines court evidence management software. Your application records can be uploaded to CaseLInes directly, saving you a lot of time and effort.

Adhere to social distancing regulations

When you apply online for a hearing date, the application process is automated, and the number of people that need to attend the court building to apply for hearing dates is minimized substantially.  Stay save – let the robots queue for you.

Do not hesitate to reap the benefits of applying online for a hearing date.  Complete the application form, sit back and relax.  We will do the rest for you.