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sync CaseLines with Outlook calendar
July 8, 2021 mollerpienaar 0 Comments

Suppose you do not add your CaseLines hearing dates to your Outlook Calendar. In that case, life can quickly become messy: the Registrar will easily exclude a case from the final roll if the attorney does not comply with the court’s directives. Accordingly, keeping track of CaseLine’s hearing dates and the enrolment requirements of every court is vital. 

Manually adding CaseLines hearing dates to your Outlook Calendar sounds easy to do, but it can quickly overwhelm you.  If, for example, you have five new cases in the Gauteng Division, Pretoria, per day, you must add at least five hearing dates, forty tasks, and forty reminders to comply with the Revised Consolidated Gauteng directive 18 September 2021.  The long delay between allocating the hearing date and the actual hearing of the matter is also not helpful.  It is easy to miss one task, resulting in your client’s matter not appearing on the final court roll.  Instead of manually adding CaseLines hearing dates to their Outlook calendars, attorneys can use the time better in preparing for their client’s cases.

Fortunately, legal professionals do not have to follow a manual process.  Technology can help ease the life of attorneys.  Hearing Date Sync is a software program that assists legal professionals in adding CaseLines hearing dates to their Outlook calendars in the blink of an eye.    The software synchronizes CaseLines hearing dates with the attorneys’ Outlook calendar.   Changes to a hearing date on CaseLines are made to the Outlook calendar in real time. It steamlines tasks and reminders associated with the case category,  helping attorneys to keep track of critical cut-off dates.

How does Hearing Date Sync add CaseLines hearing dates to your Outlook calendar ?

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Default enrolment tasks

Hearing Dates Sync firstly contains default enrolment tasks.  When the court issues a new directive, the software updates the default tasks in your Calendar.  The automated process allows for seamless incorporation of all the new directive requirements into your cases.  When the Registrar adds a hearing date to your CaseLines profile, the software adds the date to your Outlook calendar.  The software further allows the default tasks associated with the case category to show up in the Outlook calendar.  Users can either rely on the default tasks or create custom tasks that comply with the requirements of their jurisdiction.

Outlook calendar

The entire process is automated.  All the attorney needs to do, is install the software and add the Caselines login details.  Changes to Caselines Hearing Dates are then added to the Outlook calendar at pre-selected intervals.  Should you, for example, select a twenty-minute sync interval, the software compares your CaseLines hearing dates with your Outlook calendar every twenty minutes.

Solicitors no longer need to access CaseLines and open a specific matter to confirm if the court allocated a hearing date. If the Registrar added a new hearing date to CaseLines in the interval time, Hearing Date Sync adds the hearing date to your Outlook calendar for you. The attorney receives an email alerting her that Hearing Date Sync detected a new hearing date and added it to her Calendar.

Outlook reminders

Because of the long delay between allocating the date and hearing the case, lawyers often struggle to keep track of minor administrative tasks to ensure final enrollment.  Although minor, missing the cut-off date for one of these tasks can lead to a case not being included in the final roll:  at a considerable expense for the attorney and the client.   Hearing Date Sync automatically adds reminders to the Solicitors calendar to avoid this catastrophe.  The reminders match the category of the case and the appropriate periods within which the attorney must comply.

Hearing date applications

A nice feature of Hearing Dates Sync is that it also allows one to automate tasks and reminders for cases where the Registrar has not yet allocated a hearing date on CaseLines.  The feature is helpful to assist attorneys in complying with directive requirements when they apply for the allocation of a hearing date.

CaseLines notes

As a bonus, Hearing Dates Sync sends an email when the Registrar makes changes to the cover page of the case.  Attorneys find this especially helpful in instances of default judgment applications to the Registrar.

In summary

Hearing Dates Sync will rock your world.  After trying Hearing Dates Sync, you are going to say, “how did I ever live without this?” Add CaseLines hearing date to your Outlook calendar the easy way.  Contact us to try Hearing Date Sync today.