We offer a range of services to help our client’s achieve the results they are after. 


Do you need to enforce or defend your rights. We can help with a claim, investigation, arbitration, grievance, action suit or proceeding. No matter what the nature, administrative or judicial, book an appointment today.


This field of law covers the drafting and negotiation of contracts. It does not matter if it is a complicated or straightforward contract. To name a few, we do leases, company documents, MOI’s, shareholder agreements, sale of shares, and escrow agreements. We can help with all your contractual requirements.


We can help you if you or your business is financially distressed. This field of law deals with business rescue applications, liquidation of your company or the sequestration of your estate. We can also assist with the rehabilitation of your estate.


Are you buying or selling your property? Are your rights in your property affected? Do you need to dispute your property valuation? We can help.


We assist with the complexities of winding up the affairs of a deceased’s estate. Do you need help administering the estate of a person that can no longer manage his financial affairs? We can help. Estate Planning and Wills are within our scope of expertise.


Our notary can assist with all notarial work, including an ante-nuptial agreement, changing your marital regime after you got married, drafting of wills, creation and administration of trusts, preparation of notarial deeds and bonds, authentication of documents.


We Practice General Civil Law For Businesses, and Individuals.

Our clients know to turn to us with any legal matter, and that if the particular issue is beyond the scope of our practice areas, we will assist them in finding the professional assistance that is required.

We do not treat our clients like everybody else does. We believe that a customized approach to our client’s legal problems is the best approach.

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With the automated online enrollment process setting your client’s matter down for hearing has never been easier.


It is often a time consuming exercise to enroll a civil matter for hearing.

Do not waste hours waiting in queues to enroll your clients matter.

Apply online for an enrollment date and let us do the legwork for you.

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Outlood add-in for CaseLines
February 19, 2021 mollerpienaar 0 Comments

The Outlook add-in for CaseLines help attorneys to comply with Judge President’s Practice directive 1 of 2021.  The Directive stipulates a uniform approach to CaseLines…

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